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Hermes Strawberries is a family owned and operated strawberry farm in Wamuran, which is nestled on the outskirts of Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The regions strawberries are grown in winter, from May to October. 

Hermes Strawberries was established by Hermes and Angela Caballero in 2011, leasing Hermes’s parent’s property growing 160,000 strawberry plants.

After completing their first season, they purchased their own small property 3km down the road, from the leased farm. Throughout 2012 the new property (Newlands Road farm) underwent a makeover. Development of the property included the removal of old tunnels, clearing & preparation of sections of land – to be converted into paddocks, addition of a bore and installation of a pack- house and cold storage facilities.

The pack-house operation moved from the leased farm to the new facilities in 2013. Further development is currently underway, so that the farm can be utilized for full scale strawberry production in the future.  The Newlands Rd property grew its first strawberry crop in 2014, 2015 will see a second paddock being planted, increasing the plants being grown to 190,000 between the two farms.



Meet the team behind Hermes Strawberries – Hermes & Angela

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Hermes and Angela are both actively involved in the growing, nurturing, packing and quality control processes at Hermes Strawberries.
“We are passionate about ensuring that we produce superior quality strawberries, in order to achieve this – we are involved every step of the way”.

As a team, it is divide and conquer; they each have their areas of control and teamwork is paramount to their success.


Hermes controls the processes in the paddock – plant care, pest control, supervision and training of pickers, collection, weighing & transport of product to the cold storage facilities. Hermes’s experience in farming stems from childhood, he was brought up in the Philippines where his family was involved with farming of small food crops. He migrated to Australia when he was 16, and continued to work in local farms that grew crops of tobacco, strawberries and zucchini’s. By being involved in various crops he has gained vast experience and knowledge of farming techniques which has enabled him to utilize best farming practices, techniques and technology to ensure that the growing practices used are sustainable and produce the highest quality strawberries.


Angela’s areas of control is Managing the packing facility operations; ensuring that the facility is ran smoothly and efficentially.  Training of packers, Quality Assurance checks and palletizing of product ready for market.  The other area under her control is the Administrative Management of Hermes Strawberries, which encompasses compliancy, human resource management, training, financial control, marketing etc.  Angela is currently studying a Diploma Qualification in Agribussiness.