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Hermes strawberries handful berries 3  Hermes Strawberries primary focus is on producing superior quality strawberries.

All fruit is carefully handpicked and packed, utmost care is taken to ensure that every punnet contains only the highest quality strawberries, all our punnets are individually checked prior to leaving the farm gate.

Our on farm procedures employ sustainable farming practices, (IPM) integrated pest management system is used to control pests, minimal use of sprays and the use of biological controls are employed wherever possible. 

Stringent food safety assurance protocols are followed using HACCP Quality Assurance System which is routinely audited, which certifies that our product and all farm practices meet Australian standards.


Varieties – A strawberry is not just a strawberry!

hermes strawberries berry

There are many varieties of strawberry commercially grown in Australia.  At Hermes Strawberries we grow the best varieties that tantalize your senses in taste, smell and appearance.  The varieties which we grow are;

Rubygem (Qld Variety) early season fruiting variety, producing sweet, red glossy berries.

Florida Fortuna (Florida Variety) early season fruiting variety, producing large aromatic fruit, firm yet juicy, bright to dark red glossy berries.

hermes strawberries punnet




Our packs of strawberries, come in 250g punnets, and are sold Australia wide, being supplied to both the Brisbane and Sydney Fruit and Vegetable Markets.


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