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Outlined below is a description of the work, the conditions we work in and the qualities we are looking for in prospective employees.

The positions which you will be undertaking are physically demanding and will involve long hours working in an outdoor environment or in a packing facility.  In the outdoor environment you will be exposed to; Extreme weather conditions (sun, heat, rain, wind, cold and humidity), animals (insects, bees, frogs, spiders, snakes), pollens, dusts and molds.     

What we look for in our employees;

  • Willingness and Commitment to working until the end of the Season, approximately end of September to early October.
  • Able to work in all weather conditions
  • Be physically fit to handle the demands of the work
  • Willing to learn and do your best
  • have an eye for detail
  • Able to work well in a team 
  • Be available all working hours which include weekends.

What work is available?


Planting starts in March through to April depending on plant numbers and varieties.

This work is on a at call basis –  hours and days will be variable including morning or afternoon starts, working all days including weekends and holidays and varying hours.  This is due to; delivery of runners to our farm, weather, plant numbers, staffing numbers and location of planting. 

This is all weather work – rain or sunshine!  If the weather is HOT and SUNNY you maybe working under sprinklers.

Planting is challenging physical work requiring above average physical fitness.  This job involves long hours of walking, bending, crouching, squatting, kneeling, repetitive hand and digging hand movements into hard and soft soils, working on wet, slippery muddy surfaces and inclines.

While it is gruelling and physically hard there is a certain satisfaction of looking around newly planted fields and knowing that you had a hand in it.

Picking Crew 

Pickers are required from May to October.
Picking is challenging physical work requiring a good level of physical fitness.  It also requires care and eye for detail.
Picking is done using a trolley, in some instances (usually at the start of the season – handles maybe used.)
As a picker you will move about the rows in your trolley (or with your handles), checking plants for ready to pick fruit, only picking the appropriate ripened- fruit as you go.  Care in handling is needed as fruit is delicate, we use a stem picking technique as it needs only minimal handling of the fruit to prevent bruising and damage.

Plant Maintenance – as part of your job as a picker, plants need to be kept clean for hygiene and ease of picking.  De-runner and leafing of plants will be carried out at scheduled times. 

Packing Crew

Packers are needed from May to October.

Packing you will need a keen eye for detail, a soft touch, speed and agility.  You will be grading and assessing each fruit for quality and sizing, punnets are then packed according to size and grade.

Pay Rates

Mixed rates of hourly (currently $24.80) and Piecework rates (per kg picked or punnet packed etc) apply depending on the job at hand, skill level and motivation of our workers to  maximise their earnings.

Working days and hours

Working days and hours will vary depending on the crops readiness, and weather conditions

You will need to be able to work in all weather conditions and available all working hours (which include weekends).   During peak season you may be working 7 days a week.  Requests for time off will need to be applied for in advance.  

Strawberries are very delicate and can ripen very quickly, especially when sunny, berries that aren’t ripe in the morning can be ready to pick by the afternoon, and are sensitive to weather conditions (wet/heat).  When they are ready to be picked, they have to be picked.

 If wet weather or heat waves are predicted be prepared for work – as the fruit will sustain damage, we try to minimize this by ensuring we get all ready fruit picked.

We have a relatively short harvesting season, which means that we need dedicated people who are willing to commit to being available as needed, and till the end of the season.

Interested?  What to do next….

Before applying, please ensure you are available & flexible for the days and hours you can work. In the peak of the fruit season this can be Everyday. We also ask applicants to ensure that they are available for the full fruit season which is from mid May/June until the end of September/early October (depending on weather and crop)
We are unable to take part time workers.

Applying for Work  We post an Application Form for when work becomes available.

All Employment enquires are to be made through our website via our Application Form.  As we are unable to return calls or emails regarding employment.

To see if there is work available  head on over to our employment application page: Employment Application Page