Ethical Programs – Fair Farms Accreditation

“Fair farms fostering fair employment practices in the Australian Horticultural Industry”

Hermes Strawberries is passionate about Fair and Ethical Employment and Business Practices, we are committed to conduct our business in line with values that reflects this.

We Aim to;

  • Act in the best interest of our customers and staff.
  • Meet the highest standards of behaviour and safety.
  • Comply with the law and company policies.

Our Code of Conduct: Outlines and identifies acceptable and unacceptable behaviours that all staff members accountable for.

We are committed to Fair Employment Practices and Compliance with all applicable laws; which include;

  • Adhering to all laws that apply to our workforce in particular the Fair Work Act, relevant award (Horticulture Award 2010), Immigration Act & WPH&S Act.
  • Maintaining a co-operative and consultative approach with our employees
  • Recognise and respect workers’ right to freedom of association and to collectively bargain
  • Provide a workplace of free and voluntary employment.

Hermes Strawberries Management.

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