Mission Statement

Our Values

Hermes Strawberries vision is to achieve a sustainable and successful business, which promotes healthy living, high quality standards, community support, environmental sustainability, hard work, fun and family.”

  • We Strive to improve our farm operation each year including practices to reduce environmental impact, improve farm safety, increase efficiency and profitability.
  • We pride ourselves in making Hermes strawberries a great place to work by providing an atmosphere that promotes and is representative of family, team member growth, satisfaction, trust and respect.
  • We operate with integrity, respect and in the spirit of partnership in our relations with others.
  • We have pride in our work, and work hard at ensuring that our strawberries are of the highest quality and exceed our consumer’s expectations.
  • We Support our local community where ever possible, supporting community groups and events, utilizing local businesses, suppliers and service providers. 

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