Selection & Storing – Keeping it fresh!

How to Select the best strawberries

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  • Choose shiny firm strawberries with a bright red colour, caps should be fresh, green and intact.
  • Sniff test – Smell the berries  – sweet, ripe strawberries will have a great scent to them.
  • Check the punnet of strawberries top, bottom and sides.
  • Avoid fruit that looks soft, bruised, has mold and/or shrivelled.

Remember Shape and size are not good indicators of the yumminess factor – don’t judge a berry just by size and shape alone.



Strawberries need to be kept cool to ensure freshness and longevity of shelf life, store them in your fridge, in their punnet.  Ideally consume within 4 days of purchase, but if kept in optimum conditions your strawberries can be normally stored for up to 7 days.

Wash your strawberries (if you wish to do so – otherwise they are fine to eat straight out of the punnet) just prior to consuming, this will retain their flavour.


Freezing Strawberries

Frozen strawberries are fantastic! They are great to use in smoothies or desserts,
best of all you have year round access to your favourite Australian produce – right there in your own freezer.

Prepping of Strawberries:

  • Cut off Calyx (green leafy bits) and trim off any bruised, soft or damaged flesh
  • Place cleaned strawberries intoziploc bags
  • Date your bags
  • Place your bagged strawberries into your freezer.

 Storage of up to 6 months – just in time for the next strawberry season

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